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Where Does Your Eye Go?

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As you think about where you want interest to be in a room, you should think about color and the role it could play. When you put color on your window and not the wall, the window becomes the focal point. This is great when only a small bit of color is desired in that space and the window is small. Is it the right choice for you, though? Talk to a trained consultant at Windo VanGo in Baltimore. We’ll be happy to help you determine the right level of pizzazz for your room.

Things to Remember

Every room needs character, and color will do just that—especially if it is dark, unusual, and different! Color makes a statement. It also plays to our emotions and creates a powerful feeling.

ColorCompareBe aware that, when using color on a wall or window, the color will change four times throughout the day because of the position of the sun. In the morning, you’ll get a warm light, around noon, it will be cool, in the early evening, you’ll get more of the sunset/warm feeling, and at night, you’ll have the artificial light from your lamps or ceiling fixtures. With all the different types of light bulbs today, that adds to the problem of knowing where to put color and what color to use.

A Few Basic Tips

  • Put color where you want the eye to travel. If you put it on the window that’s what will be the room’s focal point. If you leave the window and its trim white and put color on the wall, that will become the main interest in the room.
  • On a window, blend any color in to the frame, especially the functioning window treatments that provide light control and privacy. If you feel the space is boring, contrasting window panels or valances can be added.
  • Gold, orange, red-orange, red, and magenta have brown undertones and will blend into wood and make a space seem smaller. Black undertones such as purple, blue, indigo, green, and teal all enhance wood and visually expand space, making it look bigger. Yellow and Lime Green have white undertones and work well with either.
  • If you are still undecided as to putting color on your window, buy some fabric in the color you might use, and hang it on the window and on the wall to get a feel for how it will look, especially at those different times of day. This can help you avoid spending money on colors that will end up not working.

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