Economical Vertical Window Fashions

Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds

Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds

At Windo VanGo serving the greater Baltimore area, we carry Hunter Douglas window fashions, including products for specialty shaped windows, products that help with view-through, products that protect against UV rays, and more. If you’re in the market for new window fashions, be sure to speak with one of our representatives about your unique needs, whether you need one window treatment or products to cover all the windows in your home. And read on to learn about one of our economical options for covering vertically oriented windows, Vertical Solutions® blinds.Continue Reading

Covering Skylights

Duette® Honeycomb Shades in the Sunroom

Whether your home already had skylights or you’ve just had one or more added, you might be puzzled by how to properly cover them. After all, skylights can be perfectly horizontal or angled, and certainly a distance from the floor. At Windo VanGo serving the greater Baltimore area, we’re proud to carry Hunter Douglas window fashions—including some great options for your skylight needs. Read on to learn more!Continue Reading

Protect Your Room From UV Rays

Pirouette® Window Shadings

Pirouette® Window Shadings

If you’re like most Windo VanGo customers here in the Baltimore area, you’ve invested a lot to make your home beautiful. And you probably want it to stay that way. That’s why it’s important to protect your investment from the damaging effects of the sun. One great way to do that is through window treatments from Hunter Douglas. Read on to learn more about how the sun impacts your room and how you can change that.Continue Reading

Narrowing Your Window Treatment Selection

Banded Shades

At Windo VanGo serving the greater Baltimore area, we know that shopping for window treatments can be daunting—there are so many to choose from, with numerous features and benefits. However, we also know that it can be fairly easy to narrow your options by simply asking yourself a few questions to really get to the heart of your window treatment goals. Read on to learn more!Continue Reading

Don’t Let Damaging UV Rays Ruin Your Furniture

Silhouette® Window Shadings in the Childs Room

We all know that we need to protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays—and especially here in the Phoenix area, the risk is high. But too often, homeowners don’t consider what UV rays can do to their flooring and furnishings. At Altra Home Décor, we’ve got plenty of solutions for ways to properly cover your windows to help fend off the sun’s damaging rays.Continue Reading

Simplistic Window Shades Offer Light Control and UV Protection

Dual Roller Designer Screen Shades in the Office

Dual Roller Designer Screen Shades

Today, many of us are feeling like we need to treat our windows, but we don’t want anything to take away the view. However, we also don’t want to feel like we live in a fishbowl during the day or at night either. We want something that will create warmth and texture with minimum levels of opacity while protecting our flooring, furniture, and artwork from the damaging sun. At Windo VanGo serving Baltimore, we understand the dilemma and will be happy to help you find the right solution.Continue Reading

Protect Your Home Furnishing Investments

UV RaysYour home (including its furnishings) is one of your biggest investments. According to the National Fenestration Rating Council®, damaging ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and radiation enter homes through windows, fading the home’s furnishings. At Windo VanGo in Baltimore, we know that, our customers are concerned about the effects harmful UV rays can have on their belongings. If your home has windows that are not covered properly, your belongings will likely experience UV damage.

UV Rays Aren’t Just Seasonal

Many people think that UV damage can only happen during summer. But, in fact, winter months can be harsh as well. The sun is lower on the horizon, and the glare and the lack of leaves allows the light to enter farther into the room, causing additional damage. So it is important to protect against UV rays, regardless of the season.

Check for UV Damage

The sun’s energy consists of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, visible light, and infrared radiation (IR). Of the three, UV radiation is responsible for approximately 40 to 60 percent of fading. UV damage can cause fading anywhere the sunlight reaches. Pull back the corner of your throw rug, move the painting on the wall, or turn your couch cushion over to see if fading has occurred. If so, it’s time to take charge.Continue Reading

Window Coverings for Sunrooms

Sunroom Window Treatments - BaltimoreSunrooms are a beautiful addition to any home. They extend your living space, provide a great place for entertaining, and allow you to enjoy the feeling of the outdoors no matter what the weather is outside. A key element to any sunroom is, not surprisingly, the sun. Choosing the right window treatments will allow you to control and filter light just the way you need it. We have several options for sunroom window treatments here at Windo VanGo. Visit our new showroom in Marriottsville, serving the Balitmore area, or schedule an in-home consultation! Continue Reading

Stylish Uses for Roller & Screen Shades

Shade Screens in BaltimoreRoller shades and solar screen shades have never gone out of style and are as popular today as they were years ago. Similar in appearance, these sleek shades have a versatile design that can look good in any window. They offer a clean sleek look that is perfect for any room in your home. While roller shades help darken a room or filter light, they also offer more privacy than a solar screen shade. Both types of shades will protect your interiors from dangerous UV rays.  At Windo VanGo serving the Baltimore area, we’ll help you find the right look and protection you need.Continue Reading

Use Shades to Protect Drapery from the Sun

Protect Drapery from the SunJust like the bright Baltimore sun will burn your skin when you’re outside, it can also damage items like drapery and furniture inside your home. Anything that receives direct sunlight through your windows is susceptible to damaging UV rays from the sun. Over time, these rays will dull the colors of your drapes, furniture, flooring and other design elements inside your home. To protect the investment you’ve made in your interior design, consider window treatments that truly block the sun’s dangerous UV rays. When style is just as important as protection, look to high-quality shades from Hunter Douglas.Continue Reading