2021 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone Color Trends 2021

Pantone Color Trends 2021

Did you know that, each December for the past 22 years, the Pantone Color Institute selects a Color of the Year for the upcoming year? It’s true! And it’s a useful thing to know about because it can inform decisions you might make about decorating your home, buying new clothes, and even the color of your next car. At Windo VanGo serving the greater Baltimore area, we enjoy helping our customers understand each year’s new Color selection so that they can make informed choices about their purchases. Read on to learn about Pantone’s 2021 decision!Continue Reading

Trending Pantone Colors (Part 2)

2019 Color of the Year

Color can change the complete look and feel of a home. Taking a room from drab to wow, adding color is one of the best choices a homeowner can make to personalize a space. And every year, the Pantone Color Institute can help with color choice by naming a new Color of the Year. Whether you agree with the color or not, it’s hard to argue with its popularity when you start to see it in everything from décor to kitchenware. For tips on how to add color to your home, contact a trained Windo VanGo specialist here in Baltimore.Continue Reading

Trending Pantone Colors

Pantone Color Matching

For years now, the Pantone Color Institute has named a trending Color of the Year. Which can help inform people of what fashions might adorn a home or office. Because color can so deeply impact the look and feel of a home, at Windo VanGo here in Baltimore, we like to help our customers in choose just the right color. To start, we’re dedicating this blog to discussing the past Pantone Colors of the Year. In a future blog, we’ll talk about this year’s color and how you can incorporate it into your own look. Read on to learn more!Continue Reading