Finding a Window Treatment for Your Laundry Room

Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters

Far too often, the laundry room window is forgotten when people purchase new treatments for their homes. However, a window treatment can be just the thing to bring fun and fashion to the forgotten room. There are so many styles and choices available, you’re bound to find just the right treatment for your laundry room. To see the possibilities, speak with a trained consultant at Windo VanGo serving Baltimore today.Continue Reading

Pirouette Window Shadings -Three Light Options in One

Hunter Douglas Offers Unique Shade

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Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings

The features on the Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window shading truly multiplies your choices for your window’s light control and the customization of your shade covering.

Option One – Floating Vanes

What makes the Pirouette window shadings special? Two words – floating vanes. The soft horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing. This allows for enhanced views to the outside while maintaining privacy. The beautiful fabric appearance is amazing inside and out.Continue Reading

Choosing Window Treatments

Window treatments, whether pleated, puddled, or plain, can add a certain softness to the hard edges of a room. Plus, they add privacy and light control and can help conceal a room’s flaws or emphasize its charms. At Windo VanGo here in Baltimore, we have some great options in window treatments for your home; speak with a trained advisor today.Continue Reading

Make Over Your Room With Dual-Function Shades

Applause® Duolite™ Honeycomb Shades

Applause® Duolite™ Honeycomb Shades

The time has come to update the window treatments in your home. With so many choices out there, it can be overwhelming. Still, there is no reason not to find the perfect window treatment solution for your windows. Speak with a trained consultant at Windo VanGo here in Baltimore—we’ll be happy to help!

Dual-Function Shades

As you start to look at all your options, keep in mind how the blinds or shades will meet the needs of your room beyond just beauty. For example, does your bedroom need to be dark in the morning? Do the street-side windows in your living room need to provide complete privacy at night while controlling the sunlight coming into the room during the day?Continue Reading

Consider The Lighting in Your Home

Pirouette Window Shades

Pirouette® Window Shadings

Lighting plays a key role in the feel of a room, so it’s important to consider several aspects of lighting when you think about how you want a room to look. Obviously, light can come from many sources and can feel different at different times of the day, so understanding those elements is crucial. Lighting is one of the most changed elements of design we have, and we need to learn “How to Use It.” If you’d like some help with lighting ideas in your space, talk to the experts at Windo VanGo here in Baltimore. We’ll be happy to share our expertise!

Three Levels of Lighting for Each Room

  1. Light to work by
  2. General illumination to fill the space; it usually comes from the ceiling
  3. Mood lighting, which usually comes from the floor up

You don’t have to have them all at once, but it will change your space and give you new looks during the evening.Continue Reading

Window Treatments Play a Role in the Home

Custom Drapery Project

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

More than just covering the window, window treatments add texture, color, and interest to any room. In addition to the aesthetic element, window treatments also manage how light enters the room. At Windo VanGo serving Baltimore, our trained consultants will be happy to help you select the right treatment for your room’s needs.

Hunter Douglas Window Fashions

Hunter Douglas offers a wide array of popular window treatments such as Applause® Honeycomb Shades, Duette® Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades, Pleated Shades, Provenance® Woven Wood Blinds, Pirouette® Window Shadings, Silhouette® Privacy Sheers, and Vignette® Modern Roman Shades.Continue Reading

Buying New Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades with sheer drapery panels

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades with sheer drapery panels

Whether you’re replacing existing window treatments or looking to buy entirely new coverings, choosing the right product is important. With new innovations, lift systems, styles, fabrics, and designs, the options are nearly endless. As your local Hunter Douglas dealer serving Baltimore, the trained professionals at Windo VanGo can help you select the perfect window treatments.

How to Begin

Before starting your window treatment search, take a moment to think about why you are covering your windows and what results you want. Understanding your room requirements will ensure that you don’t leave anything to chance.

Where Your Light Comes From

Although it is frequently overlooked, it’s important to know which direction your windows face.

  • South-facing – light is warm and strong all year round. Consider light-diffusing solutions to protect your furnishings
  • North-facing – light is cold and clear. Consider energy-efficient solutions
  • West-facing – hot and bright afternoon light. Consider light-diffusing and light-control solutions
  • East-facing – bright warm morning light. Consider UV-protecting solutions

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Choose Patterns and Colors for Your Window Treatments

Colors for Your Window Treatments in BaltimorePatterns are in! From floral and abstracts to geometric patterns, recent trends in home decor point to the use of bold and interesting patterns and designs. There’s no better place to implement this new trend than in your windows. At Windo VanGo serving the Baltimore area, our design consultants will help you choose the perfect window fashions from our selection of custom blinds, shades, shutters, custom draperies, and top treatments. We carry the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments and offer an extensive line of custom fabrics as well.Continue Reading

Hunter Douglas Woven Wood Shades

Hunter Douglas Woven Wood ShadesWoven wood shades offer that one-of-a-kind look that you just can’t get from fabric shades. With distinctive variations in color and made from natural material such as reeds, woods, and grasses instead of fabric, these shades have a charm that can only come from nature. As an added bonus, the use of renewable materials makes woven wood window coverings an environmentally friendly product. Stop by our new showroom in Marriottsville, serving the Baltimore area, to see full size displays of our woven wood shades.Continue Reading

Choose Pleated Window Shades

At Windo VanGo serving Baltimore, we offer a full line of pleated shades by Hunter Douglas. Pleated shades are a single layer of fabric, pleated horizontally to fold up neatly when raised. Made on a loom using woven fabrics, these shades have a unique, almost homemade, look. Our collection of pleated shades from Hunter Douglas offers the widest range of colors, textures, and patterns in the industry. Customers love the variety of fabric available, including bold colors, beautiful textures, and stunning prints and patterns.

Watch this video for more information on pleated shades:

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