Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning

If you’ve found that your spring has given you more time at home with not a lot to do, now’s a great time to get to cleaning. And not just the surfaces, handles, and faucets (though those are important too). We’re talking a good deep clean of the entire home. At Windo VanGo here in Baltimore, we’re happy to share some tips on things to take care of during your extra time this spring. Read on to learn more!

Hidden Areas

You’re probably a pro at cleaning the surfaces of your home. But what about other areas? Cutting boards should be frequently disinfected. As you’re cleaning door handles and other frequently touched surfaces, don’t forget light switches and TV remotes—both of which are touched by many hands quite often.


If you have a room humidifier, it just might have collected some gunk over the winter. Now’s a good time to give it some love. Same with other appliances in your home, such as the oven, computers (when was the last time you cleaned the keyboard?), and televisions. And don’t forget the fridge—be sure to clean the bottom, where everything drips, and don’t forget to pull it from the wall and clean up any dust bunnies there and beneath the unit.


If you’ve been putting off organizing, you might have the gift of time to take care of some of it! Your pantry, closets, garage, basement, and storage areas will thank you for it. It’s a great time to sort through and determine those things you really don’t need. And photos! Do you have a ton of photos on your phone or in a file on your computer? If you’re like many people, you’ve probably put off organizing them. Now’s your moment! You can even use an online service to create photo albums that will be a treasure in the years to come.


If it’s been a while since you last changed the batteries in your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, take the time to do it now. Change filters—for example, in your furnace. Clean out the gutters and be sure that they’re flowing well. Spend some time with your dryer vent and clear it of dust and lint.


Have you been meaning to get at the grime that’s impeding your view? Use your time now! Clean the interior and exterior of the windows, wash the screens, and clean off the sills. Plus, you can do some maintenance on your window treatments. You can dust blinds and shades, and vacuum treatments like Silhouette® using the brush attachment. Use compressed air to clean out cellular shades such as Duette® Honeycomb Shades. If your aluminum or faux wood blinds (such as Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds or Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds) are particularly grimy, you can remove them and clean them with lukewarm water in a bathtub or sink. Reinstall the treatment while it’s still damp, and lower it to let it completely dry.

Spring Cleaning Tips in Baltimore

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